Design History

Adrian Frutiger

Basic Info:

  • Graphic designer’s name is Adrian Frutiger, age 81. 
  • He was born on May 24th, 1928 near Interlaken, Switzerland. 
  • He spent most of his childhood experimenting different penmanship that he invented.


  • Frutiger went to school at Kunstgewerbeschule. a school of applied arts. 
  • There he primarily studied on calligraphy. 
  • His inspiration for creating fonts was due to his negative reaction to the mandatory formal, cursive penmanship in Swiss schools


  • Frutiger is famous for creating typefaces.
  • He uses Lumitype equipment for his work.
  • He doesn’t really do much of any other kinds of music or art.

Random Unique Facts:

  • His most prominent typer faces are Univers and Frutiger.
  • A Swiss watchmaker commissioned Frutiger to design a new watch face for a limited-edition line of wristwatches in 2003.



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